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The Hellenic Shipbrokers' Association (H.S.A),has always been interested in the continuous education of its members. Although the educational level of the last decades is already very high. Particularly the education of the Great Majority members of the recent years are at least of Shipping University  or very often Master's level .

The Association, thanks to the support of its members, is very active in offering the opportunity for additional and update knowledge in depth (Gnosis) to the younger Shipbrokers and in general to the Piraeus Shipping Community.

We have two targets on educational matters. The first is the continuous education of all our members and in this respect we organize lectures or short seminars on interesting shipping matters and quite frequently invite distinguished speakers from all over the world to update our knowledge. These lectures are not only attended by the Broker-members but also by the whole Piraeus Shipping Community, namely Ship-owners, Shipping lawyers,Charterers,Shipping Bankers, Shipping University Professors etc. keeping also our members on an up-dated position.

Our second target on education is the new generation. During the past 15 years, HSA has been organizing Seminars, on practical subjects addressed to young members, non members, as well as to shipping students, with great success and attendance. These seminars are lectured by experienced Shipbrokers, giving the means to the participants to combine their theoretical knowledge with the practice. The seminars are governed by the wise saying "the highest, the most sacred form of theory is practice itself' (N.Kazantzakis).

In fact we strongly believe that 'AN EDUCATED COMPETITOR IS A FAIR COMPETITOR'.

As a result of the above we are proud to state that Greece is the country which is today "exporting" efficient Shipbrokers all over the world.
It is also the result of all above that we organized very successfully the "1st GLOBAL SHIPBROKERS FORUM" during "Piraeus 2001".

We are also in position to declare that our Association is awarding the certificate called "Shipbroking Gnosis Certificate" (S.G.C.), which is co-sighned by the University of Piraeus, after Examinations in English and practical training.

The Education committee already started lectures and seminars which will assist the candidates to receive the necessary practical knowledge. Speakers in these seminars are highly experienced Shipbrokers, members of our Association. This certificate is specialized in "Dry Cargo Chartering", "Tankers Chartering" and "Ships Sale and Purchase".

Due to the needs of the Hellenic Maritime Society, we just established an advisory body consisting of internationally known and accepted shipbrokers, members of our association only, named “SHIPPING AGREEMENTS ADVISORY COMMITTEE“ which will be consulting the State as well as individuals on practical issues related to Charter Parties, M.O.A.’s etc.

In the meantime we are preparing the “Global Shipbrokers Forum” which will take place, together with our Gala Dinner “PIREAS 2019” on June 2019.


The Association avails a Chartering a Sale and Purchase and an Education Committee which are very active in their duties by solving disputes arising within the Shipbroking practice, they are also charged with the Association's documentary duties, together with our legal advisor.
The Education committee is responsible for the seminars and lectures in respect of the S.G.C (Shipbroking Gnosis Certificate) These committees are also in close co-operation with the two State Shipping Universities of Greece ("Piraeus" and "Aegean") and the Piraeus Shipping Colleges, mainly on educational matters and supporting them on practicalities.

Sales & Purchase

The Sale and Purchase Broker-members are also very active and are involved in Global Transactions.
Our statistics show that of the total number of finalized transactions:

- On 65% our members acted as sole brokers between Sellers and Buyers
- Roughly 1/3 of the Transactions were concluded with direct foreign Buyers.
- Approximately 1/4 with Direct Foreign Sellers


- 20-25% were concluded among Greeks

Also on newbuilding Sector a 10-15% of the total Greek orders are contracted through our members, considering that a high percentage of orders are placed directly from customers to the yards.
In general the direct contacts of our members are extended from USA to Europe and from Middle East to India and the Far East.


The Tankers' chartering activity is still low in Greece as well as derivatives On the other hand, the dry cargo is extremely active.
Namely our members mostly fix:
As Owners Brokers, about 80-90% of Greek-controlled tonnage and 10-20% foreign-owners tonnage.
Acting as cargo brokers, our members fix about 70-80% Greek-controlled tonnage and 20-30% foreign-one.