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Our Honorary President Capt. N. Pentheroudakis uploaded at the LinkedIn on 24th August 2019 the following, in order the thank publicly the "Hamburg School of Business Administration" (HSBA) and its Guest Lecturer Kai Miller. Head of Shipping Department of this University is Dr. Orestis Schinas:

My sincere thanks to "Hamburg School of Business Administration" (HSBA) and particularly to Guest Lecturer Kai Miller for their invitation, giving me the chance, on a 15th August Conference Call, to present to the students of class "MBA Ship Finance 18M-S-FT & 17M-S-PT" the "Bimco Bunkering Terms 2018" from the practical point of view, as commented in my book "Chartering Manual by Practitioners" / 2019 (co-Author with Thomas J. Pagonis)

I, also, commented on the current highly topical documents of the NEW clauses for Time Charter Parties:

"Bimco 2020 Marine Fuel Sulphur Content" and "Bimco 2020 Fuel Transition"

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